Aerospace Valley

The association Aerospace Valley was created on 13 July 2005, to develop at a national, European and an international level the competitiveness cluster in the Midi-Pyrenees and the Aquitaine regions, in the Aeronautics, Space and Embedded systems, and labelled global cluster by the CIADT on 12 July 2005.

It is made up of enterprises, research and training centres and institutions involved in the sector in both regions.

The GAIA project (Air transport Simulation Platform)

Labelled by Aerospace Valley, the GAIA project falls within the context of the implementation of a more efficient, reliable and competitive (SESAR project) European air traffic control system. Its goal is to allow communication between the simulation facilities of different aeronautics players. This collaborative tool will accelerate development and share a global vision of ground-to-air evolution.

GAIA is developed by Airbus and the Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne (DSNA).

SACER project

Labelled by Aerospace Valley, the SACER project allows the wireless acquisition of signals emitted by embedded sensors. This autonomous system will replace the transmission by wire links for:acquiring physical data (temperature, pressure and vibration...) carrying out on-board treatment, storing and transmitting them securely to the central system of monitoring and steering.

SACER is developed by innovative SMEs and the CNRS LAAS laboratory.

Intespace and the regional space plan

The regional Space Plan aims to reinforce the Midi-Pyrenees region (in the south west of France) in its role as the European leader in space. This plan is essential for the coordination of large-scale activities aimed at strengthening skills, expertise and the influence of players in the region nationally and internationally. It is consistent with the European space policy.

Intespace is particularly responsible for the activities of the group that should lead to the structuring of the industest SME/Is. The challenge: provide better readability and a privileged contact point concerning major buyers and training and research agencies.

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