DynaPrepa Application Specifications

DynaPrepa is an optional DynaWorks V7 plugin dedicated to the test preparation workflow. Running within the DynaWorks framework it leverages all the DynaWorks data management and processing features.
DynaPrepa offers four main functions:
- Define test projects into a dedicated centralized or local preparation database.
- Describe the test instrumentation by selecting a list of sensors from the corporate sensor inventory managed in a DynaWorks database or by using external sensors characteristics. Associate a sensor to a measurement point and define its characteristics (direction, associated cable …). Select test hardware (test bench, acquisition computers, and cables). Associate cables to measurement points.
- Map each measurement point to the right hardware connector to finally send the channel setup to the controller and data acquisition software.
- Collect the test results back into the test DynaWorks database

Click here to download DynaPrepa Application Specifications

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