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January 2015

Much has happened this year at Intespace. First of all, we have successfully negotiated the extensive testing project on the A350 XWB. This summer of 2014, the ultimate load tests were successfully completed and contributed to certification of the aircraft in September.

We are currently disassembling the installations, marking the end of a wonderful adventure: for 5 years, our engineering, testing and DynaWorks® staff have been totally committed, demonstrating great creativity and tenacity. All showed great dedication and I thank them for their efforts. We also worked with great pleasure and in close collaboration with the Airbus teams and our partner the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC), to achieve a result that was fully satisfactory for everyone.

On a completely different subject, another highlight for Intespace this year is DynaWorks® V7, which is now operational following three years of development.
The software designed by Intespace for analysis and exploitation of test data is now up-to-date and meets the needs of engineers in terms of ergonomics, organisation and data display. DynaWorks® V7 incorporates the very latest innovations in the communication technologies and has been available since September 2014.

Finally, the major refurbishment works on the Toulouse site are continuing. I am happy to say that we are exactly on schedule. This means that the Fourier clean room was able to resume working on 15th September, as we had promised our customers, without any disruption to the test schedule. The site will emerge from these works transformed and will offer our staff and our customers a comfortable working environment in premises that are standards-compliant, well insulated and less energy-hungry.

As 2015 begins, I hope that this coming year is ... exhilarating!

I wish you all a very happy new year!

Frank Airoldi
CEO of Intespace

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July 2014

The cluster which opens the door to Europe:

This year is a pivotal one for Intespace. Firstly, with the creation of our cluster with Airbus Defence and Space, which has now been operational in 8 test centres in Europe since the beginning of the year. It must be said that the two companies were already close and for many years have worked together on a number of projects. Intespace regularly performs satellite test campaigns on behalf of Airbus Defence and Space. The staff from the two companies know how to work together. They are both part of Airbus Group and that makes things easier. They each however have their own characters, their own culture and their own identity. Intespace is a company of 171 staff, specialising in testing and test engineering, with a highly proactive approach to development and to the diversification of business opportunities in other industrial sectors.

Frank Airoldi
Chief Executive of Intespace


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March 2014

Intespace 30th anniversary

Thirty years and feeling great !

Along with wishing you an excellent 2014, I would like to take this opportunity to look back on one of the highlights of 2013. Last year we were delighted to celebrate our 30th anniversary with all of our employees in Toulouse and Elancourt as well as with our subsidiary Intespace BV and our clients and partners.

Frank Airoldi
Chief Executive of Intespace

Watch the remember movie of the event organised for the 30th anniversary of Intespace

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Intespace : Your partner for all your projects

It is time for us to make our clients a new proposal of collaboration. Engineering, tests and data analyses can now be integrated together in their industrial projects. For by combining all our skills in the qualification procedure, we are entering into a commitment towards them in terms of the results and performance of our global service.
It is now up to us to put this global approach towards industrial projects into practice in order to be an industrial partner throughout the life cycle of the project, from the upstream study to the analysis of the results.

Frank Airoldi
Chief Executive of Intespace

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MAY 2012

"Test Lifecycle Management" : A global offer

To provide its customers with the greatest added value possible and capitalise on the performances of DynaWorks®, Intespace has put in place a comprehensive offer called «Test Lifecycle Management» (TLM). The objective is to offer support throughout V-cycle of product development, from design to qualification, whether for satellites or aircraft.

Frank Airoldi
Chief Executive of Intespace


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