Intespace has years of experience in developing and providing solutions to the aviation industries.

Due to the unique expertise of Intespace and the utility of DynaWorks®, Intespace is an important partner for the aeronautical industry. Intespace has tested and qualified major structures for the Aeronautics domain. In order to ensure a fast-track development of flight equipment, manufacturers rely on solutions DynaWorks® to analyze test results.

Particularly, it offers solutions for various instances such as use, storage, exchange, provision and data processing associated with applications in vibration, acoustic, static and rotating machines.

  • Analysis and applications for testing and data management and testing of structures and appliances
  • Data processing engines for test benches and simulation


In the field of acoustic comfort, the manufacturers are progressing with DynaWorks® in the knowledge of dynamic behaviour of equipment and subsystems.

A manufacturing company of aviation engines must manage considerable amount of data from bench tests, flight testing, and simulation and make them available to teams to develop these developments turbojets, in sectors mechanics, aerodynamics, thermal, and aerothermodynamics, acoustic.

Manufacturers use these solutions to the performance of engines, the analysis of acoustic behaviour, the measure under test at the end of production.

The development of international projects involving several companies allowed proposing a collaborative extended enterprise solution through the exchange of data and results between the various partners.

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