The DynaWorks® range of software is used for many years by the space industry worldwide. It has become the standard for European test centres, with more than 150 satellites tested in the past 10 years.

This collaborative tool is the backbone of a global system allowing engineers to analyze test results, compare test and simulation data, share results with colleagues and partner companies, as well as manage, organize and archive data from all disciplines and programs.

The system can interface with all legacy tools and is adaptable to any specific in house configuration. Simple, automated report generation is a veritable time-saver.

The DynaWorks® solution will increase productivity, improve traceability and facilitate quality management.  DynaWorks® will rationalize and streamline any complex, multi-skill, multi-partner test campaign or program.

Applications for Space Industries

DynaWorks®, a reference tool in the space domain:

  • Tests centers
  • ESA R&D: Test/Simulation platform
  • ATV: Data flight storage and expert tools
  • ARIANE: Data processing tool

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