Support in project contracting-Project management of test centers and test facilities

This consultation operates from the upstream phase of the project, with a detailed study of its technological and industest environment, up until the commissioning. It includes an overall analysis of the test centre, buildings, and technical resources, as well as the operational actuation of resources and teams.

Intespace helps its clients to implement, or implement for themselves:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Budgetary evaluation and development plan
  • Statement of requirements
  • Writing of functional specifications
  • Establishment of call for tenders files
  • Establishment and monitoring of interface control files
  • Selection of manufacturers
  • Analysis of project design and implementation files at formal reviews
  • Monitoring of implementation, including monitoring of the worksite
  • Establishment of acceptance and maintenance plans
  • Monitoring of validations tests and the approval of results
  • Establishment of operating and maintenance procedures
  • Staff training


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