Installation and Maintenance of test facilities

Intespace ensures the installation, the maintenance of mechanical test resources and takes care of the climatic, mechanic, thermal and thermal vacuum resources of the test. To satisfy the quality demands of its customers, Intespace creates maintenance plans adapted to every test resource and with the possibility of a modular function for the user of the test resource.

Intespace has also developed resources and contracts specified for the demand of all kind of maintenance (preventive or curative) so that it could guarantee the operational availability of test resources and it could also minimize the intervention time.

Our services

  • Predictive, Conditional, Preventive maintenance
  • Installation of test facilities and operational recipe
  • Preparation of maintenance plan
  • Analysis of failure modes (AMDEC, analysis of trends ...)
  • Relocation of facilities


  • Airbus
  • DGA, Technique Aéronautique
  • Continental VDO
  • Liebherr
  • Microturbo

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