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A new vacuum chamber opened in Toulouse : the Simles auxiliary chamber

A few months ago, Intespace opened a facility that is unique in Europe and which will be able to simulate the environment of space systems and sub-systems in extreme temperature conditions.

This new chamber is the Simles auxiliary chamber which can simulate temperatures ranging from 100K to 440K at a pressure of less than 10-5 mbar. It measures 5m in length and 4.70m in diameter, offering modular, flexible operation: it can accommodate all types of equipment with no specific development being required.

Read the press release

DynaWorks 7 software

The new Dynaworks 7 version will offer unprecedented user experience while providing a powerful data management system. The addition of a first version of Dydgets opens up unlimited prospects for processing and tracking the analysis process. A new page opens for us and our clients with a great number of functionalities to come. Don't hesitate to contact us and send us your feedback.

Download Free trial version of DynaWorks 7

See the video demonstration

Best Wishes 2015

Intespace wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015!

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Intespace speaks out with 3 films on the net

At a time when governments worldwide are doing their figures and major industrial corporations undergoing reorganization, Intespace, the expert in environmental industrial testing, has decided to speak up and say something else...



Intespace presents you its Training Center
Located on the site of Toulouse, Intespace’s Training Center offers several trainings on testing, engineering and DynaWorks Softwares solutions for Test Life Management. For all technicians, engineers, managers testing and project managers from all business areas these trainings are the means to improve your skills on specific subjects in order to succeed your projects!

Download the Training Catalog of Testing and Engineering 2014

Download the Training Calendar of Testing and Engineering 2014

INTESPACE can also offer you customized trainings if you wish to work on a specific topic.
Do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to present us your needs.

For additional information on our Training Center (Trainings, customers feedback ...), please visit our Training page.

DynaWorks® 7 is going to blow everyone’s mind!

DynaWorks® 7 is going to blow everyone’s mind!

  • A new working environment
  • Unprecedent ergonomics for software dedicated to test and simulation data management and processing
  • A modern interface makes it quick and intuitive to use
  • New functions waiting to be discovered...

Pioneering software for intelligent data analysis!

Discover the DynaWorks® 7 video!

In 2013 Intespace celebrates its 30th anniversary!

In 2013, Intespace celebrates its 30th anniversary!

30: an age of vitality and energy for humans, almost vintage for a car, an eternity for an ant and next to nothing for a star…
30 years: at times glorious, always fascinating.

It is celebrating its 30th anniversary on 21 May 2013 with its customers and partners.

To read Intespace Press Release clic here!

Frank Airoldi, CEO, introduces you the new Intespace logotype

Frank Airoldi, CEO, introduces you the new logotype of Intespace and answers the questions "why changing now?" and "which messages and values it must communicate?".


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