DynaWorks Collaborates with Ketty

DynaWorks Collaborates with Ketty

Intespace’s software tool, DynaWorks is now working with SATE’s KETTY software (Knowledge Extraction from TelemeTrY) tool, granting a smooth integration between the two software environments.

This, on one side, enables DynaWorks’ users to perform additional analysis, including automatic :

  • Extraction of synthetic characteristics of monitored data (system characterization).
  • Evaluation of the system behaviour by identification of novel behaviour (novelties) ordered by priority score.
  • Determination of cause-effect relationships between parameters that may not be known a priori.
  • No need for a priori knowledge about the system.

On the other side it enables  KETTY’s users to import data coming directly from DynaWorks databases.


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