EarthCARE at Intespace for the duration of the test campaign

EarthCARE is an Earth observation satellite designed and built in Germany by Airbus Defence and Space. This European satellite, developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) as part of the Living Planet programme, in cooperation with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), will monitor clouds, aerosols, atmospheric radiation and will help scientists understand the climate and how it is changing.
EarthCARE has undergone testing at Intespace.

What is most striking about this collaboration is that the success of this testing phase is the result of a true partnership. As underlined by Thomas Faust, project manager at Airbus DS, the test campaign is an integral part of the Assembly/Integration/Test process. This is why the Airbus DS team for the EarthCARE project remained on the Toulouse site to work in full cooperation with the Intespace testing team.

In the case of EarthCARE, a rapid answer to the problems was required and technical solutions had to be found almost in real time. It is only by correctly preparing the project upstream, together, as partners, that one can then count on the reactivity of the teams. This is why the Intespace teams are always highly attentive to the welcome they extend to their customers, who must feel perfectly at home in the test facilities.

Interview with William Baumann
Project Engineer

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