The thrusters for the CSO, the optical reconnaissance satellite of tomorrow, undergoing testing at Intespace

For the 7th time, Andy Swallow returns to the Intespace test benches for another space project: this latest campaign concerns vibration testing on the modal propulsion module for the CSO satellite built by Airbus Defence and Space. According to its manager, this was a very fine campaign indeed.

One project, one team

For Intespace, this collaboration has been continuous, from the MARECS project 30 years ago to the future CSO today. Furthermore, according to Andy Swallow, Intespace is not simply a good partner but more like a member of his team, and this is certainly what explains the long-term nature of this collaboration. This repeated demonstration of trust no doubt creates a very strong sense of involvement and motivation among the
Intespace staff, thereby creating loyalty, what you might call a virtuous circle...

And one site

It must be said that it offers numerous advantages in one place. The quality of the work done, the qualification of the Intespace staff, the physical proximity of the test resources and the incomparable advantage of having all the necessary equipment and human resources brought together on the same industrial site. This test centre configuration is a factor in ensuring that the test campaign is carried out comfortably, but also efficiently. In short, Intespace offers Airbus Defence and Space a complete package focused on the project, ensuring no wastage of time or loss of efficiency.
Project after project, the test results are good, and the CSO thrusters are no exception. Together with the CSO team, Intespace carried out the vibration tests on the propulsion module (2-axis) and verified the propulsion functionalities, including a check on the risk of leaks.

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