DynaWorks® V7

DynaWorks® V7, currently being trialled by beta-test customers, will shortly be available in the commercial version to meet the many requests from our customers, which drove the main upgrades of this software.

Innovative and accessible

The extensive work done to make the HMI (Human Machine Interface) particularly intuitive enables new users to rapidly feel at home with the software, while guaranteeing continuity for users of the previous versions, who will find everything that they already appreciated. It offers considerable context-sensitive help and assistance to guide the user naturally through this new environment, which adopts the operating logic of the Microsoft standards.

Optimised for each use

DynaWorks® V7 is organised into different simple and logical workspaces from a single main window, in order to improve the efficiency of each utilisation profile. The client/server architecture is of course retained and a fully-fledged administration module is now available for database administrators.

Open and flexible

The large number of analysis functions proposed and the simple macro editor in DynaWorks® V7 make it a powerful tool enabling experienced users to create their own processing tailored to the needs of each profession. This new processing can be managed and distributed collaboratively to all users.
DynaWorks® V7 will propose several development kit levels which will enable the users to go as far as creating their own workspaces. Its openness also means that it can interface with numerous acquisition system and is compatible with numerous platforms (Windows 7 64 bit, Linux Red Hat 6, Solaris 10). You don’t even need Exceed for Windows anymore!

Not forgetting commercial modularity!

With DynaWorks® V7, although Intespace has focused on modularity in order to tailor its response as closely as possible to the needs of each user, it also spares a thought for the managers, by optimising prices according to utilisation, by means of flexible, scalable commercial packages, whether for standard configurations or major account deployments.

Please, click here to look DynaWorks® V7 video demo.

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