Faiveley Transport

All about doors!

For a number of years, Fabrice Parpirolles, test manager at Faiveley Transport, had been keen to work with Intespace, attracted by its rigorous approach and the quality of the facilities offered by a space testing specialist. In the end, it was the size of its specimen – 3.5 m – which enabled the French rail equipment manufacturer to “test” Intespace’s services.This was because Intespace has the only chamber door in France large enough to enable the complete door of the ICE, the German high-speed train, to enter the test chamber.

This campaign was devoted to EMC tests and was designed to validate door compliance with European electromagnetic wave susceptibility and emission standards. The campaign comprised 10 tests, completed in two weeks.

New opportunities

For Intespace, this diversification to an equipment manufacturer from the rail world is a further step forward in the development of new markets. The Faiveley Transport campaign, which will be followed by another three by the end of the year, demonstrated a natural transfer of know-how from one industrial world to another and showed that the resources and methods were suitable for these projects. It also demonstrated the Intespace personnel’s keen interest in these products: many of them came to see this specimen of a completely different type. For their part, the Faiveley personnel also found themselves in a different world, surrounded by satellites and other flying objects!

Faiveley Transport, a future frequent visitor to the Intespace test benches ?

There is no doubt that both parties will rapidly get used to seeing each other, because Faiveley Transport, an equipment manufacturer which supplies the world’s leading train makers (Siemens, Bombardier, Alstom, etc.) is enjoying large-scale development across numerous product ranges, from large access doors, to air-conditioning, to black boxes… A new customer which offers fine prospects.

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