DynaWorks® COMET

An application of the latest version of DynaWorks® for in-house usage

COMET V, test generation toolUnder the aegis of its environmental testing services, Intespace performs many measurements on highly diverse systems and sub-systems, in the space, aeronautics and industrial fields.

Meeting our customers' delivery deadlines on time and providing the highest quality results are a key priority for us. To improve the process, Intespace has developed COMET, a test report generation tool which enables technicians and engineers to integrate all data from the preparation phase to provision of results.

This tool limits the amount of data that has to be entered, generates graphs automatically, and standardizes the process of producing reports to ensure delivery of results in phase with testing and in an ergonomic format.

The time saved is more than 80%, and the report gives our customers improved access to results and test parameters. COMET is currently being deployed for mechanical tests.



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