DynaWorks® MyTest

MyTest, an application specifically designed to manage static test data for the A350 XWB

DynaWorks® MyTestWith this project, Intespace has proven its capacity to operate from a global perspective. Already in charge of static tests on the structure of the A350XWB, Intespace has also been asked by the aircraft manufacturer to work with its own teams to develop an innovative application to manage instrumentation and monitoring of the tests.

The core of the new MyTest application is DynaWorks®, around which Intespace and Airbus teams will jointly develop specific modules to meet Airbus requirements. For an inside view, we interviewed Pascal Chezzi, MyTest Project Manager at Airbus.

"The My Test application developed with Intespace above all provides unprecedented measurement reliability. First, the application covers the entire process from start to finish. From detailed specification of the requirement to test data recovery, one single tool is used; in fact My Test is used by the people who define the gauge, by those who put it in place and by those who collect measurements, including for connection and maintenance phases. Hence, data flows the same way without ever being altered.

In addition to ensuring process continuity, the application is used by all test campaign stakeholders and partners, taking reliability to the next level. Hence, data is shared by everyone and at any one time, the data is the same for everyone. Lastly, the user-centered 3D interface display has also gotten a thumbs-up and fosters information quality."


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