First Airbus static tests

Time compression, or the other challenge of A350XWB static tests.

Prior to the first flight in June 2013, pressure reached its highest peak for Intespace teams performing the A350 XWB structural tests for Airbus.

Tests were launched at the end of March 2013 and were completed just a few days before the first flight date. This exciting race against time was won by the highly motivated Intespace teams who finally had the immense satisfaction of seeing the aircraft (up until then locked up and "martyred" in a steel cage) take off and pass its first exam, obtaining flight authorization.

Structural testing of the A350 XWB

The maiden flight was just the beginning-the campaign continues. After this crucial phase which validated the structure, load capacity limit tests began from April to September. The teams followed on with ultimate load tests for which the same strains are applied with a higher load capacity. Finally, from January to June 2014, we will begin the static tests with the last phase margin identification.

In addition to its resistance, the goal is to define the optimal structure of the aircraft. By testing its limits until rupture, any excessive weight can be identified and avoid over-sizing the airframe structure. The different phases are also used to verify the calculations of the Airbus design office in real situations. The tests were positive: the deformation calculations correlated with the test results. Finally, overall, the aircraft is doing very well.

For Intespace, this experience was also very positive: the test bed, the engineering of which was overseen by Intespace in collaboration with DGA techniques aéronautiques, functioned perfectly during the entire campaign.

Thanks to solid teamwork, we have managed to compress time and we are very proud of this achievement. We are also very proud of the overall project which has helped us to considerably expand our expertise at the heart of the aeronautics industry.

Based on an interview with Laurent FERRE,
Project Manager







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