Thanks to the Intespace Training Center, Intespace has expanded and reinforced its training capacity

Training is by no means new at Intespace. In fact, we have always shared our knowledge and expertise with our clients. However in 2013, Intespace took training to the next level with the creation of the Intespace Training Center and its catalogue of courses on test engineering and test resources designed for technicians and engineers. Today there are six training components including: vibration testing, thermal vacuum testing, climatic testing, acoustic testing, electromagnetic compatibility and Dynaworks. In addition to these components, Intespace Training Center also offers tailor-made, calibrated training programs as well as handling implementation depending
on customer needs.

The objective of the CNES, which last year sent 18 people to train at Intespace, was to become familiar with the site where satellites are tested and to understand how
the site operates and is managed : this involved appropriating test syntax as well as understanding constraints, and the complete range of options available.

Kazakh trainingThe most recent example of this type of service reflects the Training Center's integral role in our business. In short, our clients in Kazakhstan asked us to train 17 people who will operate the new space test center in Astana. 13 of them were trained for six months on our premises, while the others were trained for 4.5 months. Trainees started off with theoretical training in order to explain the thermal vacuum theory. This was followed by hands-on instruction, where trainees explored how the equipment in our Toulouse testing center functions. Until the end of the program, they will have continually done hands-on training, finishing up with a real test in Simdia, a thermal vacuum simulator. The goal is to help the teams to acquire real knowledge of the challenges and issues involved and to help them become completely autonomous via observation, practice and simulation.

For our Kazak friends, who have completed their training, Intespace is also a school. And for Intespace, training has become a key development priority for the future. Training is clearly an effective means to cooperate more extensively with our clients, while deepening our understanding of their needs and expectations, both in the mid and long term.

Based on an interview with Pierre Guiraud,
Head of Training.

Read the Interview of Mukhtar Almukhanov, Head of the Kazak testing division

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