Vibrations, Shocks and test specifications Workshop

The "Vibrations, Shocks and Test specifications" workshop took place on June 25, 2013 on the premises of Intespace. Many of the major aeronautics, space and defense companies such Airbus, Astrium, Nexter, Thales, and the DGA participated.

The workshop, which brought together the major actors in these fields and was co-presided by the emeritus experts, Christian Lalanne and Henri Grzeskowiak, was designed to foster discussions on the delicate but important issue of vibrations and shocks to identify requirements and useful suggestions in order to define specifications for a dedicated module for the version 7 of DynaWorks® software.

During these very fruitful discussions the following issues were addressed including signal processing, calculation methods and ergonomics. The resulting specifications will then be sent to the major companies for their input, comments and any additional discussions, in order to offer existing and future users a complete, intuitive module integrating all the latest developments in the field.


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