Intespace Mechanical testing skills: an asset for the certification of the Leap-1B developped by Techspace Aero (Safran Group)

Intespace has been chosen by Techspace Aero to perform the certification campaign on the Leap-1B engine Oil Tank according the DO 160.
This Oil Tank will be integrated into the engine engineered by CFMI (company 50/50 General Electric and Snecma) which will fly for the first time on board the Boeing 737 MAX in 2017.
This equipment is a variation of the Oil Tank also designed by Techspace Aero for the engine version of LEAP (1A et 1C) which will be integrated on the Airbus A320 Neo and Comac C919.

  As part of this qualification, a batch of test will be realized on the «Oil Tank Leap-1B» including sine vibration tests, random vibration, shock and crash safety. A controlled pressure will be maintained inside the specimen during the entire batch of tests. To meet the specifications of Techspace Aero, the Intespace team has developed a specific pressurization system and the associated measurement means. This series of tests will last 3 weeks and will validate the oil tank resistance to mechanical constraints it will encounter throughout his life.
This campaign will take place on the 160kN electrodynamic shaker located in the Intespace test Center in Elancourt (Yvelines). The configuration of this shaker provides the best compromise between power and embeddable mass for the testing of such equipment. Equipped with mechanical, climatic and EMC test facilities over 1000m², this test center is designed to meet the needs of most aerospace customers.
This campaign is the follow up of a first campaign of mechanical tests performed by Intespace on the Leap-1AC
oil tank which ended successfully in February 2015.

The work goes on with DynaWorks®

This collaboration does not end with the tests but continues through DynaWorks® software, which allows the processing of test data. Indeed, the Equipments department of Techspace Aero also chose this package edited by Intespace as a tool for managing data from vibration testing in order to characterize the dynamic behavior of their structures and equipment. Techspace Aero teams have worked with DynaWorks® for almost 10 years, to exploit the aerodynamic and mechanical data of their low pressure compressors modules.
Intespace has a strong portfolio of customer specializing in engine design and a particularly strong link with Snecma. Intespace manages the data of the TP400 engine and CFM 56 engine with DynaWorks®.
The software solution is also deployed in other entities of Safran Group such as Aircelle, Herakles, Technofan...

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