Launch of DynaWorks®7 the latest version of DynaWorks®, the only test software designed by a tests specialist

Three years of development came to an end with the latest beta tests by the Intespace customers: DynaWorks® version 7 is now available. This innovative and accessible solution was to a large extent driven by its customers and users.
DynaWorks® was designed by Intespace, the European leader in industrial testing, and has already enjoyed a successful history: this software – born in the south-east of France – has been chosen by the leading industrial players in Europe and worldwide, to manage their strategic tests: Airbus, EDF, ESA, General Electric, Nasa, Rolls-Royce, Safran, Schneider Electric, Thales, etc.

These references and this wealth of valuable experience gave the software development teams the essential information they needed to adapt it to the challenges of tomorrow’s markets.
DynaWorks®7 offers a new means of collaboration between design offices, test centres and all the players in an industrial project.
It proposes a single, shared platform, integrated into each of their processes.
This approach guarantees seamless communication between the test and simulation activities throughout the product development lifecycle.
400 automated analysis functions covering all the tests, enhanced ergonomics with the introduction of dydgets, integration of multi-physics parameters, management of the instrumentation and data acquisition phases, and so on.
The specifications of DynaWorks® free the engineers from numerous constraints, allowing very real productivity gains.
They also offer a new level of working comfort.

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