MyTest, an application designed with Airbus by Intespace to manage A350 XWB static test data.

While the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget finished on a real commercial success for the A350 XWB, static tests on the plane’s structure are continuing under the leadership of Intespace, the specialist company in the field of environmental tests, together with its partner DGA-TA.

Within the scope of this campaign, Intespace has also been chosen to produce the new application which now manages instrumentation and monitoring for tests: MyTest.


The core of MyTest application is DynaWorks®, the data management and processing software solution designed by Intespace. Around this kernel dedicated modules have been developed to meet Airbus requirements, notably to propose a collaborative system shared by all those who are involved in the project worldwide, to secure access to a single database and to develope an interface dedicated to static testing. With a global objective in line of sight to enhance test performance through this new application and save time during the test campaign.

"What MyTest application development with Intespace has given us is above all unprecedented reliability when it comes to measurements. First of all because this application covers the whole process. A single system ensures every step from detailed specification of requirements to recovery test data. MyTest is used by those defining the gauge, those who install it and those who collect measurements, including during connection and maintenance stages. Data follows the same flow, without ever being altered.

In addition to ensuring process continuity, the application is the single tool used by all partners and actors in the test campaign. This also is a new feature for reliability: information is shared by everyone, so, at any time, there is a single item of data for all. Finally, user-focused 3D-interface display has also been well received, fostering the quality of information."

Pascal Chezzi
«MyTest» Project Manager at Airbus


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