In Toulouse, the thermal vacuum chamber for tomorrow’s large space equipment is already in service

A few months ago, Intespace opened a facility that is unique in Europe and which will be able to simulate the environment of space systems and sub-systems in extreme temperature conditions.

This new chamber is the Simles auxiliary chamber which can simulate temperatures ranging from 100K to 440K at a pressure of less than 10-5 mbar. It measures 5m in length and 4.70m in diameter, offering modular, flexible operation: it can accommodate all types of equipment with no specific development being required.
For example, it can be used to test two large satellite antennas at the same time. The Simles auxiliary chamber saves time, owing to its rapid cycling, and is efficient in terms of operating costs. It is the ideal answer to current qualification requirements for future European space missions such as Solar Orbiter, Euclid and so on.

Intespace: versatility and adaptability
The background to this new test facility illustrates the company’s ability to adapt.
The Simles auxiliary chamber was originally the annex containing the pumping system and the collimation mirror for Simles, a space simulation chamber in the Toulouse test centre. The idea of reversibly converting this annex into a complete and independent thermal cavity enabled Intespace to acquire a new facility offering unique capacity in Europe, by optimising the potential of the resources already present in the test centre.
This meant minimal investment for an exceptional service which will resolve many problems in the process of qualifying space equipment.

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