Spacecraft antennas tests

Since the beginning of the space age, significant progress has been achieved in the size and the technical complexity of satellites.

Among the constituent subsystems of a satellite, the subsystem "antenna" is among the most sensitive.


The antennas tests consist on qualifying antennas, individually or in flight configuration, using a dedicated facility: Compact Antenna Test Range MISTRAL.

The main features of the subsystems to be measured are:

  • Radiation pattern
  • Gain Measurement
  • Decoupling
  • Parameters

In addition, other systems such as the payload must be validated. For this reason, specific tests are performed:

  • End to End Test (validation of payload+antennas)
  • Compatibility Test

Test facilities

Intespace disposes the Compact Base Mistral.

2, rond point Guillaumat CS 64356 31029 Toulouse Cedex