Intespace in the different markets

Like no other highly acclaimed and experienced companies of it kind, Intespace possess all the advanced, accessible and reliable technologies that are essential in ensuring that facilities can be operated securely, safely and economically.

As we are all aware, it is crucial to keep up with technical advances, hence we offer specialized capabilities in the design and development of specific equipment technologies tailored to the specific needs of each and every client.


The company's core business is the Space sector. The key success is our experience and the adaptability of our facilities. That's why Intespace is the ideal partner for demanding space tests.


International aviation is seeking for a test center that can successfully accomplish complex flight projects. Intespace has created and refined innovative test facilities that encompass all phases of flight projects.


Intespace, endowed with Secret Defence Security Clearance, specializes in providing comprehensive Defence solutions. Intespace has established itself as a primary provider of defence applications.

Today, a whole range of other sectors, for example the Energy, and Transport benefit from our lead in testing.

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