Intespace offers complete test campaigns

The qualification of avionic components/equipment is of major importance in the aircraft construction. Avionics bays, computers, ventilators, gates, valves have to follow strictly the specifications defined during the product design.

Intespace can meet these requirements for both large and complex equipment.

Intespace was chosen to qualify equipment for the Airbus A350 after performing tests for the A380 and the A400M.

Aeronautics' success confirm the ability of Intespace to expand its skills.

Tailored tests

So much trust and confidence is placed in us by major clients of aeronautics domain because Intespace offers services of tailored testing:

Intespace has the infrastructure and expertise needed to conduct environmental testing for european, national and regional projects. Our collaboration with the Aeronautical Test Center in Toulouse (CEAT) confirms the validity of our offer in several areas: mechanical (static and fatigue ...), climate (large enclosure volume) EMC strong fields (mixing chamber mode) and special environments (fluid resistance, fuel ...).

Our strengths

  • The ability to perform test campaigns
  • The management of large equipment
  • Compliance with the standards of civil aviation (OD 160) and program builders (ABD 100 and AMD 24)
  • Methods and tools for successful exploitation of results: DynaWorks ®.

Geographical proximity

Many manufacturers and suppliers of the aeronautics domain are mainly based in the south-west of France, but also in the Paris region. Therefore Intespace decided to settle there, at Elancourt.

Test campaigns conducted on behalf of

  • Airbus (2500 Furniture Seen A380)
  • Technofan (A380 and Boeing 747 fans)
  • Latecoere (cameras 400M)
  • Falgayras (illuminators 400M)
  • Ratier Figeac (Rotor Brake System Eurocopter NH90)
  • Sefee / Rockwell Collins / Serma Engineering (Electronic Chart Eurocopter)
  • Aerospace Toulouse
  • Elta (equipment for Airbus)
  • Liebherr

2, rond point Guillaumat CS 64356 31029 Toulouse Cedex