A spacecraft bus for high-power satellites

Intespace was given the test campaigns of satellites that will be shipped with the platform of the new generation of satellites Alphabus.

EADS Astrium and Thales Alenia Space, Intespace shareholders, are the designers. These campaigns require the modification and expansion of our three types of test facilities.

TV broadcasting, Internet, digital radio, high-definition TV, new-generation mobile telephony and broadband are among the many services that telecommunications satellites now offer. Some of these services are fuelling increasing capacity and satellite payloads consequently are getting heavier, more powerful and more flexible.

Modern telecommunications satellites need a high-performance spacecraft bus to carry these heavy payloads.
The European Alphabus platform is designed for this purpose.

Alphabus is a versatile platform for telecom satellites delivering a payload power of 12 to 18 kW. It will therefore afford a power gain of 50% over current-generation satellites capable of producing no more than 12 kW.

Satellites based on Alphabus will be able to carry payloads weighing up to 1,500 kg, will have a lift-off mass of 6 to 8.8 tons and are optimized for the new generation of commercial launchers with a fairing diameter of 5 m.

The projects of our customers around the world:


  • Carlo Gavazzi, LARES Space (Italy)
  • SSC (Swedish Space Corporation), PRISMA and ODIN (Sweden)
  • QinetiQ Space, Proba (Belgium)
  • CNES, Demeter / PICARD / PARASOL (France)
  • Astrium ELISA / ALSAT / SSOT

Major Satellites

  • Inmarsat 4
  • Alphasat
  • Astra 3B/1N/1M /2 E F G
  • Arabsat 5A ,B,C

Earth observation and scientific satellites

  • Venus Express
  • Mars Express
  • Pleiades


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