Mechanical Tests

Tailored Tests

The mechanical tests have an objective of qualification and definition of the equipment.

To verify whether the equipment complies with the specifications, we evaluate the product's behavior in real- environment conditions by applying mechanical constraints (shock, vibration, acceleration).

Intespace has a wide range of vibration and measure facilities tailored to the requirements of the space domain (according to the phase of product development):

  • Evaluation of material characteristics (Modal identification),
  • Identification of the dynamic behavior of a structure,
  • Evaluation of material resistance,
  • Product qualification.

The advantages

  • A tailored and optimized service depending on client needs
  • The local presence of other types of testing environments
  • The carrying out of tests by experienced employees
  • A complete support service, always available, that guarantees the interactivity
  • The immediate use of test data by the DynaWorks® software
  • The test facilities are accredited by 17025 (COFRAC)


Test facilities comply with the official standards depending on the business sector of the client.

Spatial: ECSS, adopted by Intespace, is conceived to supply a set of standards that guarantees the quality of test facilities in all the aspects of the execution of spatial missions.

Aeronautics: MIL STD, DO 160, ABD0100, EN NF 60068, DO 160 ...

Defence: GAM EG13, MIL STD 810x ...

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