Acoustics tests

The acoustic vibrations are part of the spatial, aeronautics and military universe.

The acoustic vibrations occur on launch vehicles (engine noise, aerodynamic flow around the structure ...).

Most often, these tests are conducted in a reverberation chamber (excitation acoustic).


Acoustics Tests in a reverberation chamber are designed to:

  • Characterize a material,
  • Qualify equipment to the real acoustic environment,
  • Qualify equipment to a sound spectrum of defined severity in a normative document by sector of activity.

Our test facilities

Intespace has 2 reverberant acoustic chambers with capacity from 1 m3 to 1100 m3 for test equipment to a satellite. The global acoustic levels maximum are respectively 156dB and 176dB.

2, rond point Guillaumat CS 64356 31029 Toulouse Cedex