Physical Measurement tests


An Intespace test facility for Physical Measurement testsThe "Physical Measurements" tests are intended to verify the physical characteristics of a system.

For example, the specifications of satellite guidance, the balance of an aircraft or vehicle.

The "Physical Measurements" tests include realizing the following actions and correlating them with respect to the predictions:

  • Mass determination,
  • Measurement of gravity centers,
  • Calculations of inertia (main or cross).

Our facilities

In order to perform equipment measurements until 100kg, Intespace disposes:

  • 3 610kg to 16kg scales
  • 1 facility of measuring CdG
  • 2 facilities to measure inertia: a clock with knives and a torsion pendulum

In order to achieve this type of measurements on systems (satellite ...), Intespace has:

  • 2 balances 3T and 6T
  • 1 facility of measuring CdG and inertias (MRC)

2, rond point Guillaumat CS 64356 31029 Toulouse Cedex