Shock tests

The existing mechanical shocks in the different areas can be part of the normal environment of the equipment or accidental:

  • Handling shock
  • Pyrotechnic Shock (partitions, blanking inter-storey)
  • Aircraft landing Shock
  • Accidental Shock (type impacts)


  • Simulate shocks on electrodynamics shaker machine free fall or machine-impact metal to metal depending on the levels and frequency domain
  • Apply a specification defined in a normative document or after the real measurement so as to validate the required equipment

Intespace also ensures the generation pyrotechnical and / or acquisition of the measures in the case of tests of pyrotechnic cuts (or at satellite launchers, for example).

Our test facilities

For half sine, sawtooth, SRS (Shock Response Spectrum) shocks, Intespace disposes:

  • 6 facilities of electrodynamics shaker type from 27 kN to 320 kN, capable of gaining from 16 to 400measurement channels according to the facilities.

For half-sine shock of great magnitude and pyrotechnic shock (impact metal-metal), Intespace has:

  • 2 machines freefall "Impac99" and "Impac1818" with maximum acceleration of 500g and 900g, being able to acquire up to16 measurement channels
  • 1 installation of hydraulic "ram" allowing performing SRS up to 5000g until a frequency range up to 10 kHz, capable of gaining from 20 to 100 measurement channels.

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