Space simulation tests


Validate the theoretical thermal models in order to ensure the heat balance of the satellite and its effectiveness.

So, Intespace verifies the effects of solar heating on the thermal control system of the satellite.

This is the condition of optimum operation of satellites in orbit.

Our test facilities

Large scale tests facilities of 100.000 cleanliness class:

The space simulation chamber SIMLES reproduces the exact space environment, variations in temperature (- 174 ° C to + 120 ° C), solar radiation.

  • A vertical main chamber of 6.20m in diameter and 7m long.
  • An auxiliary horizontal cabinet diameter of 4.70m and 8.75m long.
  • Sun of 3.80m. in diameter

The satellite is placed on an altitude simulator spins and tilts on itself. These movements replicate the rotation of a satellite relative to the sun.

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