Thermal vacuum tests


  • Check the equipment operation in extreme temperature ranges.
  • Testing thermal system under the conditions of space environment.

These functional tests reproduce temperatures from - 196° C to + 145°C.

Our test facilities

Complete tests facilities adapted for equipment and large satellites in the cleanliness class 100,000 of (class 100 tents):

  • The "SIMMER" chamber (a horizontal box of 10m x 8m)
  • The smaller sized "SIMDIA" chamber (3m x 3m), for more information, click here.
  • The "SIMLES" chamber (a vertical box of 6.20 in diameter)
  • An optical chamber "GAIA" of 4m in diameter with a volume of 70m3
  • A "3m3" chamber (1.20m in diameter and 2m in length)



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